Patient Care

Duke EM physicians consult with a patient

Patient Care

If you have an emergency, call 911. 

Timely and Compassionate Emergency Care

Duke Emergency Medicine serves as a tertiary care center and Level 1 Trauma Center to patients in North Carolina and surrounding states.

We have provided care to patients since 1945 with a state-of-the-art and expanded facility. The ED is now equipped to treat over 90,000 patients a year.

The new ED includes:

  • Pediatric ED: an 18 bed, full-service pediatric ED that includes two critical care and isolation rooms for children with infectious diseases
  • Three adult care areas: providing care and services for patients requiring general care, critical care, or isolations needs; each room has its own laboratory space and nursing stations
  • Patient rooms (adult and pediatric) equipped with a computer, making it easier for physicians to enter orders, look up medical histories, and provide the highest level of patient care and safety
  • Two fully equipped x-ray rooms and two state-of-the-art dedicated CT scanners within the ED
  • New 7,000 square foot ambulance bay with upgraded provisions for disaster planning, decontamination showers, and mass casualty management
  • Eight-bed psychiatric emergency unit
  • Eleven bed clinical evaluation (observation) unit with dedicated stress test room.

Connect with Your Health Care at Duke Health is the online resource for patients of Duke University Health System and for those who want to know about health care at Duke University.

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Emergency Services Transfer Center

Our department conducts the Duke Transfer Center to facilitate and streamline the process for patients with urgent or emergent needs to be transferred to Duke in a timely manner.

We require a physician-to-physician consult and screen patients for medical necessity to ensure that the most urgent needs are met first.

Please contact Marie Hale, RN, clinical operations director for the Duke Transfer Center and Bed Control, at 919-681-2219 or page her at 919-970-3989 if your patient needs to be transferred to Duke.

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