Discovery/Translational Research

In 2015 we began collaboration with the Duke Center for Applied Genomics and Precision Medicine and with the Department of Surgery’s Surgical Critical Care Initiative (Sc2i) to develop a line of translational research. This work also culminated in some key partnerships with senior discovery scientis

Dr. Sam Francis studies thrombosis in the Arepally Lab and is able to extend her lab's work to the acute care setting. Dr. John Eppensteiner studies sterile inflammation in acute conditions such as traumatic injury in conjunction with the Sc2i and Duke COVID repository efforts. Dr. Alex Limkakeng received multiple internal and external grants to study “-omics” in various forms in patients at risk for acute coronary syndrome.  

In 2017, Bruce Derrick, MD obtained a pivotal grant from the Department of the Navy to study a ketogenic diet to reduce the effects of oxygen toxicity in conjunction with the hyperbarics group at Duke and he continues to study pulmonary physiology in the hyperbarics chamber. Kami Arulraja, a research fellow at the time, conduct mechanistic animal model studies with our colleagues in Neurology.

Lastly, Charles Gerardo, MD, has extended his clinical research into translation study of immunologic markers following snakebite envenomation and the effects of antivenom. We intend to continue to invest in these and other areas of discovery science in the coming years, producing robust collaborations and synergistically increasing opportunities for the Duke community. 

Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine
Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine
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