MEDx (Medicine + Engineering at Duke) was forged in 2015 to enhance existing relationships and foster new interdisciplinary collaborations between the School of Medicine and Pratt School of Engineering. 

In 2015, Josh Broder, MD collaborated with colleagues in the School of Engineering to develop a novel device that can convert a standard 2-dimensional point of care ultrasound study into 3-dimensional images similar to a computed tomography scan. This marked one of our first collaborations between emergency care physicians and engineers.  

Building on that collaboration, we also recruited a unique faculty member, Dan Buckland, MD, PhD whose expertise focuses on astronautics and robotics. This collaboration has also had a synergistic impact on other research lines within Emergency Medicine, such as hyperbarics and ED operations. Mitchell Veverka, as a resident research fellow, received an R38 award to study photoacoustic imaging with Junjie Yao, PhD, for two years. 

All of these are examples of partnerships typified by MedX.

Vice Chair of Education and Residency Program Director
Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine