Catalyzing research in the Duke Department of Emergency Medicine

The Duke Department of Emergency Medicine’s Division of Translational Health Sciences is dedicated to utilizing rigorous and cross-cutting translational research methods to advance access to and quality of emergency healthcare locally, nationally and globally.

We seek to improve patient and population-level outcomes and go from the "bench to bedside" model but also expanding to studying behavioral, geographical, economic, social, cultural and organizational drivers of health and to translate evidence to innovation and improvements in healthcare on a local, national and global scale. 

The division is centered on interdisciplinary collaboration and diverse teams within and outside of the Department of Emergency Medicine in order to apply discoveries to real-time care. Our team combines a variety of research interests and expertise, using behavioral and social sciences, data science, implementation science, epidemiology, systems science, biostatistics, qualitative sciences, measurement sciences and community engagement. These interests cross-cut healthcare needs to innovate in how data is translated to intervention or policy.